9月4日 18:00 ~ 20:00

講者|Marisa Morán Jahn

Daemons and Other Devices


在這個幽默的研討會互動中,藝術家Marisa Morán Jahn將邀請參與者思考系統性與個人挑戰,利用惡魔的文化聯想,將它們改編為可能的科學、技術和社會解決方案或替罪羔羊。與會者將認識一些案例,並分組進行腦力激盪,繪製和創造新的神話、傳說和傳統。

Like tricksters, daemons hover betwixt and between humans and other forces. With the advent of the computer in the 1970s, the word daemon was used to describe feedback, noise, interference, or, that which exceeds a logical system. Today’s “printer daemons” and “mailer daemons” lay dormant until summoned to handle requests for services such as print spooling and file transfers — yet they often seem to have a mind of their own. What are the social, spiritual, and technological functions of daemons? How does the invention of daemons preserve/challenge myths of progress, business as usual, and the status quo? How can daemons, tricksters, and other charismatic objects enrich how we design and interpret our world? What can we learn from these Others and how can they transform our worldview? In this humorous and interactive workshop, artist Marisa Morán Jahn invites participants to consider systemic or personal challenges then draw on cultural associations of daemons to adapt them as possible solutions or scapegoats within science, technology, and society. Participants will be introduced to different examples then asked to brainstorm in small groups to sketch and invent new myths, legends, and lores.

9月5日 18:00 ~ 20:00


Time, seeds, permafrost


徐叡平的藝術領域涉獵廣泛,從熱玻璃到纖維母細胞,從護照到fecal sports,她的作品受到許多領域的影響,如後人文、食品研究、科技研究和中醫。目前,她在紐約大學ITP擔任Red Burns Fellow,並在紐約大學Tisch和The New School Parsons擔任兼任教師。

Under the theme of “Time Seeds and Permafrost,” interdisciplinary artist HSURAE, will share her unique perspective on artistic practice. Starting from the microscopic observation and cultivation of microorganisms, she delves into the migration of bacteria and microorganisms, as well as the impact of large-scale ocean currents on ecosystems. Additionally, Xu Rui-Ping will introduce her recent artistic projects, conceptualizing a journey to Norway to explore the understanding of permafrost and transform it into profound artworks. HSURAE’s artistic endeavors encompass a wide range, spanning from hot glass to fibroblast cells, from passports to fecal sports. Her works draw inspiration from various fields such as post-humanism, food research, technology studies, and traditional Chinese medicine. Currently, she serves as the Red Burns Fellow at New York University’s ITP and holds adjunct positions at NYU Tisch and The New School Parsons.